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Analysis tools for PCI Express and ExpressCard

With these low cost bus analysis tools designers can use their logic analyzer as a PCI Express and/or ExpressCard bus analyzer. The Bus Analysis Probes, coupled with the powerful logic analyser triggering and analysis capabilities gives the user an extremely effective and efficient tool for debugging, testing and verifying products incorporating PCI Express and/or ExpressCard bus systems. The Bus Analysis Probes include logic analyser configuration software for easy setup and Protocol Decode.


The PCI Express debug probes can probe x1, x2, x4 and x8 bidirectional footprints. See below for details of suitable target adapter cables and for support on unidirectional-shaped midbus probe pinout.



PCI Express Analysis Probe FS4400: for use with Agilent Technologies Logic Analysers PCI Express debug and protocol decode tools for use with a Agilent Technologies logic analyzer.


PCI Express Protocol Preprocessor FS4405: for use with Tektronix Logic Analysers PCI Express debug and protocol decode tools for use with a Tektronix logic analyzer. The following probe cables are required for use with Tektronix logic analyzers: FS1055 TLA7Axx Probe Cable (for PCI Express X1-X4, 4 ea required; for PCI Express X8,

6 ea required)

PCI Express and Serial Rapid IOAnalysis: There are debug probes available for designers working with both PCI Express and Serial RapoidIO, the FS4411 (Agilent Support) and FS4416 (Tektronix Support) probe family. They are similar the the FS4400 or FS4405 above but also incorporates SRIO debug support. Please contact EPN Solutions for more information.





Support for PCI Express ExpressCard is through adding the FS1033 ExpressCard interposer to a PCI Express analysis probe or preprocessor, to either the FS4400 for Agilent Technologies support or the FS4405 for Tektronix support.



Target System Adapter Cables


A target system adapter cable is required to connect the FS4400 and FS4405 to the system under test. At least one of the options below must be ordered when ordering the FS4400 or FS4405. It is not necessary to order all of the target system adapter cables, only those required for your particular system.


         FS1031 Full size footprint for X1, X2, X4
1/2 size footprint for X1, X2 or X4
ExpressCard Interposer
Interposer for X1
Interposer for X4
Flying Lead cable adapter
Interposer for X8
Full size footprint for X8
PCIe X8 Uni-shaped





Click here for the PCI Express Logic Analyser Probing Design Guide for the FS4400 and FS4405.










FS1033 ExpressCard Interposer

FS1035 Interposer for X4

FS4400/FS4405 PCI Express Analysis Probe

FS1031 Full size footprint for X1, X2, X4